ISBN: 978-980-18-0345-4

6 reviews for Mastering Surfacing in Rhino – book only

  1. zakky z (verified owner)

    Very helpful for anyone who wants to learn how to make clean surfaces in rhino. although for a complete beginner, at some point it can be a bit confusing by just reading a text and seeing some images. i think a video tutorial will be much more appropriate for this.

  2. florian (verified owner)

    Very helpful – everything on the site.

  3. CK T. (verified owner)

  4. Michal Nizky (verified owner)

    How good is this book? Well, it depends on your expectations. If you are a total beginner with no experiences with Rhino and you just want to become familiar with it, to get know the tools works and learn how and when use them, you will be probably satisfied.

  5. Juan Bernardo (verified owner)

    The content is great! I’m an intermediate level Rhino user and I learned a lot of new stuff.

  6. petr konečný (verified owner)

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